Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buy LED strips

LED Strip Light Adapters and Connectors from Solidapollo
12 ft. LED Tape Light Architectural Quality - Warm Bright White from  Homer TLC, Inc

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rope Lights

Here are some guide about rope lights:

Rope Lights Show the Way
Rope Lights for Campsite Lighting
Rope Lights Under Kitchen Counters
Add Rope Lights To Top Of Cabinets

Different colors of rope lights, violet

A Clear Case of Pool Envy

I recently visited a friend's house with my family to attend a graduation party for one of his kids. As the afternoon turned into evening we all congregated in the backyard to enjoy a campfire, a pot of coffee, and some good music. As I listened to the music and engaged in conversation I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the lighting around my friends above ground swimming pool. I must admit I was quickly falling victim to a certifiable case of pool envy.

My wife and I used to own a swimming pool before we sold our house, but we could never figure out a way to add some decorative accent lighting without spending a fortune. As it turns out, my friend used a series of three chip LED light strips encased in waterproof plastic tubing. Since his deck ran all the way around the pool it made the perfect medium to mount the lights along both the hand rail and the underside of the deck board. Then he strategically mounted some tiki lamps around the deck and, instead of filling them with oil and burning them, he strung them with some of single-chip LEDs.

All of this he did for just a couple of dollars per foot. I admit I was pretty impressed and, at the same time, almost wishing I could turn back the clock and do the same thing to my former pool. It was that impressive. And much to my surprise, his lighting didn't stop there.

There was also a gazebo further back in the yard that he strung with RGB LED chip light strips. These strips could be set to a specific color or programmed to change color in a set pattern. What an idea! He created the perfect on-site setting for a romantic evening alone with his wife. Again I was green with envy.

Finally, I noticed as we were leaving that he even lit up his front walk and landscaping with LED light strips. I never knew before this night that my friend was a lighting master. Now that I live in an apartment, which is not a complaint mind you, I'm prohibited from doing any sort of lighting around the property. That's too bad, because visiting my friend's house gave me a lot of incredible ideas. Oh well, we'll be spending a lot of time at his house this summer.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Disney Takes LED to New Heights

If you're still not convinced that LED light strips are one of the best ways to create dazzling lighting displays you need to check out videos of the brand-new Dumbo ride at Walt Disney World (you can find them all over the Internet by doing a Google search). The ride is actually two rides in one; a brand-new ride that just recently opened while the old one is being remodeled to create an identical experience. Once the old ride opens both will be operating simultaneously, in opposite directions, providing an incredible visual effect.

At the center of both rides is a water fountain feature including hundreds of submerged RGB LED chip lights. All during the ride the lights change colors and angles to create beautiful and unique patterns on the cascading water.

At one point the angle of the red light is such that it makes it appear as though it's floating through the water as it tumbles from the fountain to the pool below. The video shows just what you can do with LED strip lights when you have a great imagination. We can't say whether the creators of the ride used a three chip LED system or not, but the lights are brilliant enough that we suspect they did.

You could create your own water feature for your yard using much the same creativity and a handful of tri-chip LED light strips. You don't even have to spend a large amount of money like the creators at Disney World obviously did. You can purchase a fairly decent water feature at your local hardware store for under $100; the light strips are available for just a couple of dollars per foot.

The key to this type of water feature is to get lights as bright as possible. Though some designers tried to accomplish the same thing with incandescent lighting decades ago, the light just wasn't bright enough to penetrate the water in a manner that was truly spectacular. The brightness of LED chips has changed all that. Even an RGB LED chip, which changes colors if you program it to do so, still gives brilliant reds, blues, pinks, and purples that shine brightly through the water.

If this is a project you think you'd like to try, just be sure you employ the help of someone who knows electrical wiring. The last thing you want to do is set up your system in such a way that it poses a danger to yourself and your neighbors. With the right plans and a little bit of help, you can have a spectacular water feature that will be the envy of your entire neighborhood.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Different LED strips

There are kinds of LED strips with different features .

Solor LED strips:

Solar Rope Lighting from Direct Solar Solutions

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mobile Christmas Lights

I have a confession to make: I've always wanted to decorate my car with lights at Christmas. When I was a kid there was a man in our neighborhood who drove an old surplus military jeep left over from the Korean War. Every Christmas he would decorate it with a couple strings of Christmas lights he rigged to the battery and off he went. We used to get a kick out of watching him drive around town with those big, brightly colored incandescent light balls glowing in the night.

Some 40 years later I'm still fascinated by the concept and would like to try it myself. However, I'm not about to use incandescent bulbs because they get too hot, use too much power, and break too easily. Thankfully, there's a solution in three chip LED light strips. Today's LED technology not only provides bright lights that look great, they're also much more efficient and safe to use than incandescent. And unlike Christmas bulbs of old, manufacturers are well aware of that people like me will use them for strange purposes. They accommodate us by enclosing them in tubing, providing flat strips with an adhesive backing, and other such creative things to help us make the most of them.

Hooking up the Electric

If I decide to do this for the coming Christmas my only real problem will be hooking up the electrical source. I admit I am not an electrical genius by any stretch the imagination. But I have a couple friends who worked in the field for many years; they'll be able to give me the right advice. I'll need to know how many three chip LED light strips I can put together, how to connect them to the car's electrical system, and how prevent an overload that could definitely ruin my Christmas cheer.

One thing I do know is that it won't be as simple as inserting a plug-in to a socket. I'm thinking some of the light strips I buy are probably going to need at least a minor modification; I'll let my electrician friends make that decision though.

If all goes well maybe there will be some seven and eight year olds looking out the window as I drive down their street. Perhaps I will inspire them to take on their own unique decorating ideas when they become adults. And who knows? By that time single and multi-chip LEDs may not even exist anymore. I doubt the incandescent light bulbs will still be around.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LED Tubes

There are T5,T8,T10 ..

LED Lighting vs. T5 Technology

T8 sellers:

LED T8 Commercial Grade from Sylvania
LED Linear T8 from Maxlite
T8, 20W LED replacement tube for a 4' fluorescent tube from HomeHandyGuy Inc.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LED Manufacturers

Here we list all the LED Manufacturers all over the world.


Everlight, Delta Electronics, Nanya Photonics.


Taiwan Everlight has intended to cooperate with distributors in mainland China.



LED Bulbs

Need to buy LED bulbs ?  Here is the reviews and comparisons for them.

You can also read the reason to Buy LED Light Bulbs.

Other guides about how to choose LED bulbs:

1 Choosing the Right Light Bulb from marketwatch.

LED light bulbs are the way of the future, but right now the technology is new and the light quality isn't great. A strategy for using LED light bulbs

3 LED Light Bulbs Earn “Top Rated” Recommendations  from PRWeb .

Monday, May 28, 2012

LED Light Strips Add Just the Right Touch

Last spring my wife and I were preparing for another season of trying to sell our home. We'd been trying for more than a year-and-a-half to find a buyer willing to at least let us pay off our mortgage so we could downsize and move into an apartment. Still, we decided we would make some minor cosmetic improvements just in case summer came and went without a sale.

What turned out to be our favorite improvement was in the kitchen. We had previously taken down the old wallpaper and given the space a fresh, new coat of paint, along with new appliances and counter tops. But we never did deal with the old, outdated lighting. So we decided to change that. After consultations with our real estate agent and a few designers we agreed to pull out all the old fixtures, put one main fixture in the center of the space, and take care of the remaining lighting with LED light strips.

Over the kitchen sink there was a fixture from the 1960s hidden by a piece of fascia. But if you stood right at the sink and looked directly up, you could see that ugly "flower power" ornamentation staring you right in the face. Needless to say, I pulled it out and patched the hole with some drywall. On the back of the fascia we mounted two 3 chip LED strips so they would still be out of view unless you were directly underneath. With one flip of the light switch an area that once looked average now glowed with a beautiful warmth.

To the left of that area was a counter top with a row of cabinets overhead. The counter top used to house the range, which was separate from the double oven, but when we replaced the appliances that range was no longer necessary. We replaced it with a butcher block in order to utilize that space for food preparation. Yet what to do with the space underneath the cabinet left vacant by the old exhaust hood?

The solution was a single LED strip run around the entire perimeter of the underside. For that application we used a strip with a single RGB LED chip that glows with a soft, blue hue, accenting the royal blue finish of the wood. The bottom of the cabinets are just below eye level so we're not looking directly into the light when were preparing food.

Finally, we took advantage of a lot of old gum wood by running single chip white strips along the underside of the quarter-inch crown molding. With the main fixture off and all the LED strips on, the entire kitchen area changes personality completely. So much so that the couple who eventually bought our house said the kitchen was their favorite room. What we installed for our own enjoyment may have been what made the sale.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Types of LED Strips

There are many kinds of LED strips, but in fact there are only four factors you need to consider about :



it's the first look at the LED strips, you will see the materials, water-proof and style.


LED type

It's LED SMD 5050 or LED SMD 3528. The 3528 is smaller than 5050.



How many LED lights elements in one meter. There are 60 LEDs/meter, 78 LEDs/meter, 120 LEDs/meter.



It's the most important. Insert the plug to see the LED strip is blue, amber, warm white or cool white.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outdoor Tree Lights

The outdoor tree lights are used in gardens, roads and any outdoor environment. The good outdoor tree lights are easy to install,safe, water-proof and free for maintaining. Today the LED ropes are the best outdoor tree lights. They have the following advantages :

1) The LED outdoor tree lights are very easy to install, you don't need to install the lights separately,just connect the LED rope to the 220v AC, and it's safe .

2) The LED outdoor lights are low voltage, and water-proof.

3) The LED lights can be used for life time.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free LED Strips

You will get the free LED strips if you can evaluate the strips and put the reviews on some of your blogs or websites.

And these free LED strips are also offered to those who are not familiar with LED strips. You can value and test it after you got these Free LED strips. Please write some guide on how you use these LED strips to help others. Request by visiting:

MiStrip LED Strip 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

LED 3528

The LED 3528 strips are older than LED 5050 strips, the LED 3528 is not as bright as LED 5050, but the LED 3528 consumes less energy and produces less heat. If you just need a LED strip, not a super bright LED strip, choose LED 3528. It can meet you needs.

Here is a video to show the differences between LED 5050 and LED 3528 .

LED 3528 and LED 5050
LED 5050 is brighter than 3528
5050 strip is wider than 3528 strip
LED 5050 is bigger than 3528

Get more information about LED 3528 here.

LED 5050

The LED 5050 is named by the LED size, while the LED blue or LED green are named by colors.  There are two main types of LED : LED 5050 and LED 3528. Here are more details about LED 5050.

Friday, April 27, 2012

LED strips

The blog is about LED strips, you will find useful information about LED strips here, such as how to install LED strips, how to design them, where to buy them , ... all of them !

The video will show how to connect LED strips, and the LED strips with color Amber, blue, cool white and warm white.

Violet LED strips, purple LED tapes