Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free LED Strips

You will get the free LED strips if you can evaluate the strips and put the reviews on some of your blogs or websites.

And these free LED strips are also offered to those who are not familiar with LED strips. You can value and test it after you got these Free LED strips. Please write some guide on how you use these LED strips to help others. Request by visiting:

MiStrip LED Strip 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

LED 3528

The LED 3528 strips are older than LED 5050 strips, the LED 3528 is not as bright as LED 5050, but the LED 3528 consumes less energy and produces less heat. If you just need a LED strip, not a super bright LED strip, choose LED 3528. It can meet you needs.

Here is a video to show the differences between LED 5050 and LED 3528 .

LED 3528 and LED 5050
LED 5050 is brighter than 3528
5050 strip is wider than 3528 strip
LED 5050 is bigger than 3528

Get more information about LED 3528 here.

LED 5050

The LED 5050 is named by the LED size, while the LED blue or LED green are named by colors.  There are two main types of LED : LED 5050 and LED 3528. Here are more details about LED 5050.

Friday, April 27, 2012

LED strips

The blog is about LED strips, you will find useful information about LED strips here, such as how to install LED strips, how to design them, where to buy them , ... all of them !

The video will show how to connect LED strips, and the LED strips with color Amber, blue, cool white and warm white.

Violet LED strips, purple LED tapes